Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tropical Party Fun!

In an effort to bring a piece of our holiday home my husband had a creative idea. We hosted a small get together to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and carved pineapples for fun party drinks!
Choose a knife long
 enough to cut the length of your pineapple.
Cut a square down the
length of the core.
Cut out a circle
to create your
cup, go around twice
for best results.
Remove spears.
(Save for later!)
Cut from outside to core. 
Cut out core. It works best to
cut at an angle from all sides.
This is the hardest part, be patient
and careful!

Scoop out remaining
pineapple with a large spoon
until you are satisfied
with your cup!

Fill your pineapple cup with your favourite tropical concoction! Perhaps a Pina Colada or Rum Punch?! Don't Forget to save your innards for fruit salad or other snacks!

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