Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer Dress Love

This is one of my favourite summer dresses. This pic was taken in Hawaii in the spring but I love a great white dress on a warm summer day. When paired with the right accessories you can pull off a polished yet effortless ensemble. Most Moms are terrified at the thought of wearing white while toting an infant or toddler but you can't let your little one stand in the way of a great fashion statement! You must learn to adapt.

Dress ~ Banana Republic
Belt ~ Banana Republic
Sunnies ~ Ralph Lauren
Shoes ~ JLo

My hubby, son and I enjoyed Chilli Cheese fries this particular day!

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  1. Chili fries, a baby & a white dress! You're a brave woman :) Gorgeous dress.

    1. Thanks, It was a risk but I made it out alive! LOL