Monday, 18 March 2013

Happy Monday!

Last Monday a great friend gave me this beautiful potted orchid. It was a kind gesture to show her thanks for supporting her through a hard time. She really caught me off guard with this gift and it caused me to pause and realize how the little things, like being there to listen in a time of need, really do go a long way. I am so lucky to have the incredible friends I do as it is a very special thing to have people you can trust and lean on.  

Tonight's dinner was a delicious and clean meal. Roasted chicken breast, sautéed mushrooms, red peppers and baked yams. Yummmmm!

I love a fabulous pair of power pumps! Patent red will do just fine. {Aldo}

Happy Hayden right before bed. There is always a half hour or so before bedtime where he gets a burst of energy and wants to play and is oh so adorable! 

Happy Monday lovelies!

xx Kelly Pin It


  1. How beautiful! And what a nice thing for a friend to do! I agree, it is so important to have good people in your corner.

  2. orchids are always such a special gift, i love those! the dinner looks so yummy and healthy, and you are rocking those pumps! love it! xo

  3. An orchid is such a lovely gift to give, I must think of doing that myself! And LOVE those red aldo pumps, so gorgeous :)

  4. I´m sure you have only very good friends - this beautiful orchid is a proof for me!

    And the shoes are awesome! And your son such a sweetie <3