Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel just turned 31 on March 3rd and she is looking hotter than ever. With my 30th birthday coming up this summer I am looking for inspiration wherever I can find it and she is definitely motivating! From beauty to brawn to boyfriend...  make that husband, she really has it all. Now arms like that don't come for free and from what I have read Jessica busts her butt, literally! She has truly found her niche in Hollywood starring in action films like Blade: Trinity, The A-Team and Total Recall and these types of roles demand physical fitness like no other. We have all thought "If only I got payed to work out and look great", well it's time to change your outlook. I don't dream of looking or feeling like a beautiful and fit celebrity, I do everything I can to feel my very best. 

I am loving the smoky eye and ombre hair.
I must admit Jessica and JT make a great couple!
Got arms? Yes please!
Jessica in a recent GC shoot!
Red Carpet ready at Total Recall Premier.

So if your like most of us and your job doesn't pay you millions to look fabulous 24/7 then create a fitness and beauty routine that is simple fast and fun.

~ Try HIIT cardio {high intensity interval training} which gives me a max calorie burn fast that last long after my workout is over. I am also recently hooked on weight training as the results are so gratifying!
~ Fill your wardrobe with classic staples that are easily paired with the latest trends to save you time when putting together your look.
~ Find a 'do that works for you. When your hair is manageable it makes for stress free mornings.

Believe it or not, when I look and feel great I am more confident and more productive in my personal and professional life! The one area I struggle in is diet. This is probably related to the fact that I work in a restaurant and I LOVE FOOD!!!! What is your health and beauty routine? Tell me your tips and secrets. How do you find time?

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  1. I work out while my son is in school. Otherwise, it's very hard to find other time.

    Love food, too! And Jessica Biel is cool but I prefer JT!

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  3. She is gorgeous!
    I love food! But I like jogging too! :)

    xx Karolina

  4. I agree totally, dear Kelly, when I look and feel great I am more confident and more productive in my personal and professional life, too! And I´m feeling much better when I have done my daily walk with my lovely husband about one hour and I do every morning a kind of yoga, the "5 Tibets".


  5. I have learned that I need discipline. So I make sure that I am always enrolled in some sort of fitness class or boot camp

  6. I love Jessica and her style..
    Do you want to follow each other,let me know and I will follow back :)

  7. more love her boyfriend than her :D

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  8. gorgeous!

  9. Great post and great outfit! ;))

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