Friday, 29 March 2013

Yams for Breakfast!

I love sweet potatoes and yams! Since becoming more health conscious I have switched out potatoes for them as you get your carbohydrate fill with added flavour and a ton of nutrition. When I was growing up my Dad used to tell my sister and I that there were tribes in South America that survived on sweet potatoes alone! Well I use them quite often, these yam fries are a hit at my house!
This is basically a yam omelet.
~ 1 med yam or sweet potato grated
~ 2 eggs
~ half of one small onion diced
~ half a cup of grated cheddar cheese
~ garlic, salt and pepper to taste

Prepare and mix ingredients in mixing bowl and spoon into large non-stick frying pan. Shape with spatula. Cook on low for 15 mins on each side. Take care when removing and serve! I served with sliced avocado and hot sauce. Hayden used ketchup and enjoyed it too!

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  1. yum, what a good idea! yams are our FAVORITE..healthier and tastier than regular potatoes if you ask me! XO

  2. I am so proud of you now.

  3. Wow this looks so yummy! I definitely need to try this. Sweet potatoes are so good for you, and my parents, well my mom, just loves them. She will be happy that if I share this recipe with her! thanks :P xo

    1. thanks for the sweet note and for stopping by!

      xx kelly

  4. aw, what a nice post!!
    great blog, enjoy reading it. wondering if you wanna follow each other?
    we could stay in touch though. just let me know.
    best wishes and happy easter - weekend!!

  5. follwed back:) happy easter to you!

  6. Dear Kelly, I love omelette really, but never had before tried a recipe like yours - I believe this is typical American but this shouldn´t be a cause not to cook this in Bavaria, Germany :)
    Happy Easter, dear, for you and your family!
    xx Rena

  7. This looks deliciouss. :) Hope you had a good Easter.
    Take care