Sunday, 7 April 2013

Last Minute Surprise...

After a cool and overcast day the clouds decide to lift just in time for the sun to shine brightly before it sets behind the mountains. This makes my sunday evening a little better.
Looking out my living room window down our street in our perfect little neighbourhood that we love!
It has been an exhausting week. Hayden is teething and I had to travel to Vancouver twice last week, once for work and once for pleasure. {The pleasure didn't end up happening as we had Hayden so it was more of a living nightmare:)}I have been doing good when it comes to diet and exercise and keeping a clean house but I had a mini breakdown today, while Hayden was throwing a tantrum in front of all my friends and their well behaved children, I had a meltdown. I like to have control over things in my life. I strive for this perfect image which I know in reality will never be but it's worth a shot right? Today I came to realize there are going to be many things involving my son that aren't in my control nor are they near perfect. Dammit! 

Oh well, I will survive the terrible two's...and three's and so on. I took Hayden for a run in the jogger stroller this afternoon and that helped me clear my head. It made me realize that I want to include more of my thoughts, observations and life's moments in this little blog of mine. I am really looking forward to a new week. A full week at work and lots of time spent with my boys is just what I need to feel complete and whole.

xx Kelly Pin It


  1. I love the way you write. I can feeel every ounce of frustration, tear you've cries. laughed you've had and joy you've felt. One day at a time. Thank God for family and friends that God puts in out lives on a daily bases.

    If you get a sec, please check out my lastest post 'Springtime Coral'.

    An extra Big hug and Kiss,

  2. Dear Kelly, I know it´s not really easy to educate kids - they have their own mind and character. But I learned so much from my kids about myself which I´m sure I had never ever learned if I have no kids ...

    I´m sure, dear, that you´re a wonderful mum and your son has such a great childhood. And the sad moments luckily often soon neglected!

    Love your writing, sharing your thoughts and your complete blog so much <3

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  3. hi Kelly I am loving your lovely blog!!! I just wanted to let you know for some strange reason I can't comment on the last two posts you did. Do you know if there is any issues with that?
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    let me know if you have any questions, my daughter is 20 months and I know what you mean with teething. The teething gel and tablets were my savers for my daughter.
    anyways hopefully is feeling better now and won't need that. :)
    Claudia P.