Thursday, 7 February 2013

To Love What You Do

Hi All,

I have fallen off the blog this week but for good cause I promise. The past 3 days I have spent at a work conference and award show. I work for an incredible restaurant group Cactus Club Cafe. After 8 years with this amazing company I am still completely in love with what I do and look forward to going to work everyday. We have several conferences throughout the year but this is the big one. We are informed of the new years objectives and recognized for our successes over the past year. I am feeling inspired and excited to get back to work tomorrow and apply and pass on what I have learned to my team in the location that I manage.

I think it's so important to find a career that you love. Do you love what you do? Do you feel excited and challenged year after year? I feel lucky to know that I can answer yes to both those questions!

xx Kelly Pin It


  1. My friend you are blessed. I love when we have conferences or meetings that you come out inspired and pumped. So glad to see you back. I miss your posts.


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    1. Thanks Sofia, it;s good to be back!

      xx Kelly

  2. Sounds that you´re really like your job. I like my job too, and I like to go to work every day. My only problem is that I´m bored myself very fast. But if I have a challenging task I forget everything around me and I´m totally happy when I can be creative and find solutions.

    Enjoy your weekend and your work during the weekend :)


    1. Yes, I know what you mean...unfortunately it is rare that I'm not super busy so time seems to go by too fast!

      xx kelly