Friday, 15 February 2013

Happy Heart Day!

So the hubby and I always say we have never been that into Valentines Day but when I look back we kinda have. I remember our first Valentines Day 9 years ago he made me Lobster dinner, one year he took me to a mountain lodge and another he surprised me with a trip to Cuba! Then last year I was at work in the middle of telling someone that we don't really celebrate and Mike show up with roses, chocolate and gift cards! So I guess we do celebrate it.... this year I made him something which seemed like nothing in comparison to what he did for me! Oh well, it is a girls holiday after all!

The note I found on the kitchen counter in the morning.
A picture of a GUCCI Lanyard he had on order for me that had not yet arrived.
So there you go, I thought that was all and what a sweet man I have. Boy was I wrong. When I arrived at work I found a package on my desk. I was expecting something from my works Head Office and I was excited to open it so I did. He even created a fake shipping slip...I was completely fooled. {These photos have been recreated at home}
 A note with instructions to set up digital picture frame which now sits on my desk was surprise #1! It was full of photos of the two of us and family photos with Hayden.
Balloon and beyond heartfelt card came next! He said he would have married me the first day he saw me ~swoon~
Who is this amazing man....oh wait, he's my husband!
Ok, now things get a little crazy! Two tone grey GUCCI Scarf and GUCCI watch! I'm in love and I haven't even got to my purse yet!
Hunter Boot cleaner, just what I need. The chocolate is gone now but it was there!

Finally two GUCCI lanyards for my phone and keys and my Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac. I chose the matte and gold and we are returning the patent and silver. I cannot believe after nearly 10 years my man can still pull off a surprise like this and spoil me rotten. I am the luckiest girl and had to share!

Hope you had a great Valentines day!

xx Kelly

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  1. wowza, what an awesome gift! and sounds like you've had lots of wonderful Valentine's Days. your hubby is so thoughtful!

  2. Wow! What a romantic! That's so sweet! I love seeing people celebrate their love for each other! We all deserve it!

  3. That is what you call an awesome gift .

    xo Meg

  4. Whoa lady!! I think you are officially wrong about you both on Valentine's Day! That man seems to know what he's doing! ;-)

  5. What a wonderful surprise! So romantic. Glad you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  6. It's a wonderful surprise ! An unforgettable Valentine's day !

  7. Dear Kelly, everybody gets what he/she it earns <3 This is absolutely great and I haven´t any doubt that your husband loves you absolutely (which doesn´t me surprise).

    My lovely husband and myself really don´t celebrate Valentine´s. But he surprised me with very special gifts this year. When he arrived at home back from a business trip he brought 2 things with him for me:
    1. cleaning water for my car (because I told him, that this was empty in my car)
    2. a little sandwich (I don´t like sweets very much) with a flog

    And not to forget, before he started his business trip and I was sad about it, he drawed a heart with an arrow and our initials for me <3


  8. So stunning!

    Why don't we follow each other? :)


  9. Wow Kelly your husband seems like a great guy! Hope you had a great Valentine's day :)

    x Gi