Sunday, 22 April 2012

Beach Ready Toes

As a woman who has worn heels most of my life, averaging 50 hours a week at work alone, my feet have seen better days. I  don't write them off completely though.....with a little TLC they can be sandal ready in no time. Now I try to save my $ and do my pedicure at home and as a busy Mom the only time I really have to do my toes is in the evening.

Step 1
Give your feet a nice soak in some bath salts and oils to soften them. We should all do this more often whether your doing a full pedi or just in need of a post shift soak to relax those tired feet.
Step 2
Exfoliate. Take a pumice or foot file and gently slough off the dead skin to soften tough calluses. This can be messy so do it over a towel for easy clean up.
Step 3
Clip and shape toe nails and push cuticles back. Be careful not to clip too short as you need a decent nail surface to apply polish.
 Step 4
Paint with base coat,  2 x polish and top coat. I opt for all coats as toes must stand against, chlorine, sand and sun.

Now you are ready to bare all....your toes that is!!!

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  1. I wish I had the skills for a DIY pedi...Mine always look awful. Haha!

  2. Hi Kel!
    Use the Mary Kay Satin Hands set on your feet after a shower! The scrub scrubs off the dry skin and the softener and lotion make them feel great! The scrub is good for anywhere below the neck