Sunday, 1 April 2012

Quick Fashion Fix - DIY

Here is a quick fix for the all too common low rise jeans and/or too short shirt. I can't stand when an outfit looks great standing up but as soon as you bend over or sit down you are suddenly not very well 'concealed'. I came up with the following quick solution. 

Rather than purchasing long tank tops to layer under shirts and over jeans which can get hot and bulky, I cut a few old cami tops about half way down. The finished edge remains at the bottom faking the layered look. This gives me extra coverage when chasing Hayden around and picking him up!

So there you have it! Take those old tanks you never wear anyways and turn them into something useful! All you need is a pair of scissors! 
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  1. Love this idea! Thanks for the tip

  2. Clever! So happy to find another BC Mom-style blog!!!

    1. Thanks! I'm only a month in and really enjoying it! I love seeing who else is out there as well!