Saturday, 7 April 2012

Family Time

After what has felt like an eternity (7 years) of working hard, I was recently promoted to General Manager of the restaurant I work for. One of the perks of my position is the oh so desirable schedule (weekends off). Now for the past 4 months my dear husband has been working out of town every weekend.  To work so hard only to have my husband away each and every weekend takes away from the precious family time we both love so much.

  I am very pleased to say that the hubby is working his last weekend and we can look forward to enjoying our weekends together as a family again! It has definitley been a challenge to spend the time apart. It is even harder to get aligned as a couple and a family upon his return as he works nights so he his sleep deprived as well.

It is important to work hard for your family and we both do a great job of that. However,  I am so excited to be able to reap the benefits of that hard work by simply enjoying some quality time spent together.

These are some pictures that Daddy took of Hayden at the park before he left for the weekend. Enjoy this Easter weekend with those you love, every moment counts!

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  1. My man is working all weekend and just left for an overnight shift, so I get what you're going through. It's important to enjoy the time we have with one another. I always look forward to my island trips for much needed family time. Happy Easter!