Friday, 23 November 2012

Friday Fitness Fashion

 Not only are these Nike Womens 3.0 on my wish list this year they are a must have. Unlike our precious pumps and peep toes that we are forever trying to preserve, you should wear out your running shoes/trainers. If your work out or run regularly they suggest every 3- 6 months. So hit the gym on the regular and you have a legitamite excuse to go shoe for me!

 The Wunder Under from Lululemo is quite possibly the most versitile pant ever, go from street style to yoga to evening in this butt-flattering legging! Yes, I said it... we can all thank Lulu for the extra boost in our behind ;)

Now that it's winter I find I'm running in the dark as I run before or after work. So it's important that I wear bright colours to increase visibility. If you can help it, run while it's still light or in a group and always wear light clothing. I'm crushing on the white and pink in this Mountain Equipment CO-OP jacket!

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  1. I can't remember what nikes I got but the are fantastic and won't have to be replaced as soon ( I use mine for up to a year) but I do desperately need those pants. I have a similar pair but I spend more time trying to keep them from falling off than necessary:) following you!

    1. Yes, the pants are a must have! Thanks for following!


  2. following you now honney

  3. Love it!We are following u..