Monday, 19 November 2012

No More Manic Mondays!

Some routines make life easier, like doing my ironing on Sundays as seen here. There are many ways you can do to start the week on the right side of the bed. I love a good routine, so in order to make my Mondays a little less 'manic', I do some of the following:

~ I always do my shopping on the weekends so I can start the week with lots of lunch and dinner options.

~ I pack Monday lunches on Sunday nights. I don't do the night before pack everynight, but on Mondays, it's nice to have a little more time.

~ I pick out my outfit! A habit I started in grade school as it gets me excited to start the week in my 'Monday Best'!

~ I ensure all the laundry is done and the house is clean. There is nothing worse than stepping out of bed to chaos and disorder.

~ I set my alarm with a motivating message as seen here  and go to bed in a timely fashion. I need to start my week feeling rested.

I have never been a morning person but after becoming a mother I soon learned to adapt! If I allow myself enough time I don't feel stressed in the morning. I often write how I love having time to enjoy a coffee and breakfast with Hayden. This time is priceless and so worth getting up a little earlier for. I'm not saying I never sleep in or hit the snooze, because I do, but I quickly regret it as I feel rushed and I hate that! How do you manage your morning routine?  I'd love to hear what works and what doesn't?
Happy Monday and have a great week! Pin It

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