Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Winter Blues

Here on the West coast of BC Canada we are well into another rainy winter. Before I became a mother this dreary season was just as dark and depressing as it is now, but now that it is 3 of us my husband and I are running out of indoor weekend activities. So we decided to do some research and get creative for Hayden's sake. Our almost two year old needs a way to release his energy!
Hayden playing at a local kids gym!

Getting started...
~ checkout your local recreation centers activity guides (online is easiest)
~ start setting up routine play dates
~ search the net for fun and easy indoor games and activities for toddlers

After no time at all we were registered for swimming lessons and found some drop in activities at our local rec center! My husband and I are excited to start some new commitments that can not only withstand the winter blues but hopefully get rid of them! Pin It

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