Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Winter Boots

For those of you who haven't read my blog too far back, allow me to catch you up...I have a mild obsession with shoes. By 'mild' I meam 'MAJOR'!!! I have over a dozen pairs untouched in the box waiting for their big debut! When selecting what to wear I frequently start with my shoes and then build up. This is totally normal right? Anywho...as of lately I'm trying to get more use out of the 'forgotton ones'. They look so lonely at the back of my closet so I am making my best effort to offer my feet as good company. With that said, a little window shopping never hurt anyone...right?

I'm currently lovng this peep toe bootie - Madura from Aldo.com From $120 down to $59.49!!! But I need to cycle through my existing, neglected ankle boots before I start adding to the collection!

Another irresistable favorite are these daringly different Hunter Boots. Why wouldn't my wellies have a wedge? Say that 3 time fast! I found them discounted on my all time favorite shoe website 6pm.com (clearance for Zappos) Sorry Canada, they only ship in the US. Lucky for me I have a US mailbox!!!

Ok these last ones are not on sale but I'm secretly wishing I would just wake up with them on my feet! The Tory Burch Amanda Riding Boot is popping up everywhere, my dreams included! At $495 they just aren't in the budget this year and I have come to terms with that.

So, although I'm 'not allowed' to buy anymore shoes until I wear the ones I have, I thought I'd share these fabulous finds! With each season comes new shoes and I'll brave the weather anyday....one boot at a time! Pin It


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  2. I am obsessed with the TB boots!

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  4. Love your choices in boots.



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