Thursday, 15 March 2012

After dinner walk

Growing up there are always a few things that stand out in my memory. My Mother made roast beef and yorkshire pudding every Sunday. My weekend plans couldn't commence until the completion of my Saturday morning chores. We always sat together for dinner as a family and at least once a week my parents would drag my sister and I out for an after dinner walk. At the time I didn't understand or appreciate it but I can now see the value in this precious family time.

With the weather on Vancouver Island, British Columbia changing hourly these days it's hard to find a good moment to get out of the house. Tonight was the night! After dinner we got bundled up and walked down to the park on our street. Hayden enjoyed the swings and exploring the wood chipped park for the first time since he started walking. My husband and I took pleasure in watching him explore and have fun! It was a nice extension of our family dinner and good to get outside.

As the weather improves we look forward to doing this more often and if you don't already, try it too! Pin It

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