Monday, 5 March 2012

Fast Nails

After over 10 years of acrylic and gel nails I got rid of them and have been rocking my natural nails for a few years now. There were two contributing factors in my decision to say goodbye to my chiselled nails. Time and Money. If I ever broke a nail it was devastating and a trip to the salon couldn't come fast enough. On top of that, I never enjoyed dishing out $50 + a month. So Needless to say, who has the time, much less wants to spend the $?
I recently purchased Sally Hansen Insta-Dri shown here. It comes in a ton of colours for around $5 and dries in 1 minute! After having Hayden I thought I would never have time for myself again, but not anymore. Now there is no excuse to have unpolished nails! I find paying attention to small details, like your nails, can contribute to your overall confidence while completing your look. Tell me how you like it?

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