Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Green Goodness

Spinach is the easiest food to sneak into any meal, grown up and baby food alike. I always made my own baby food and even though Hayden no longer eats purées, I still make apple sauce and different variations on it. I resort to my trusty slow cooker for my 'green goodness'. Apple sauce is easy to make, simply peel, dice , place in slow cooker and add water. Cook for approx 3-4 hours or until soft and mash with potato masher. Divide into ice cube trays and freeze. When making spinach cubes I make apple sauce as usual. Take a bunch of washed spinach leaves and blend with water {I blend in my magic bullet}. Take fresh blended spinach puree and mix with apple sauce before portioning.

I like to do one spinach cube to two apple cubes! Pin It

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