Sunday, 18 March 2012

Any given Sunday...

I am lucky to have a nice circle of friends all experiencing parenthood for the first time like myself! On any given Sunday one of us will throw out a play date invite and we all do our best to attend. I decided this week was my week as I missed my fellow Mommas and all their boys! (Most of my friends have boys)

In a last minute effort to be a good host I put on a pot of coffee and whipped up a batch of sugar cookies! Now I will be the first to tell anyone, I don't bake from scratch. I turn to the help of some of my trusted friends such as Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines. I stuck with the basic drop cookies due to my time limit but there are ton of fun and creative ideas here. I have a cupboard full of quick and easy baked goods in a box for times like today! Play dates are great for sharing parenting stories and tips while letting the little ones interact and develop their social skills. They can also be the perfect time for us busy mummy's to socialize a little ourselves! If you don't participate in play dates or a local mommy group already, it's time to start. 
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  1. cookies look yummy! I want one now

    1. They were, and so easy! My kind of cookie!