Friday, 30 March 2012

Functional Fashion

I need a new diaper bag but I am on the fence about making a big purchase as I'm secretly wishing Hayden won't be in them much longer. He's only 14 months so I have a while to go still! Realistically I know I will be toting half his toys with me for years to come. Before Hayden was born I did a lot of research but diaper bags was not something I really looked into. I have found the most amazing bags by Timmi and Leslie and I NEED one!
This is the Charlie Tote by Timi and Leslie and there is so much more where this came from. All their bags will carry over in your purse collection long after your are through with bottles and diapers. If anything it will make a great work purse or carry on. 
ALL of these diaper bags come with a change pad, bottle/thermos carrier, dirty laundry zipper bags, stroller straps, shoulder strap and personal clutch! Plus it is loaded with pockets. I think this needs to go on every mommy's must have list. Who says function and fashion can't get along?

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