Saturday, 24 March 2012

Saturday Shoes!

Monday to Friday my tired feet are adorned in glorious pumps and platforms. While I love my work shoe collection,  my line of work in the restaurant industry limits me to only closed toed options. When the weekend rolls around I become giddy with excitment over which pair of 'non-work' shoes to wear.

I know what your thinking...'giddy, really?'  My answer is....YES!
Peep toe, cork heel platforms by GUESS
Peep toes, mules, strappy sandals, espadrilles, mary janes, stilettoes, wedges....the list goes on and on. I will often select a pair of fabulous shoes and then build my outfit around them. With a dreary winter on the outs the options increase ten fold. I am so tired of skinny jeans with boots over top. A stand by look that winter often holds us hostage to. The sun is shining today and I'm going to take advantage of it!

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