Sunday, 4 March 2012

Work week prep

As the weekend comes to a close I find myself preparing for the busy week ahead. Although the majority of my wardrobe consists of business attire, putting a look together is easier said than done. My time saving secret is ironing a weeks work of blouses, skirts and such on the Sunday night prior. Once mouths are fed, baths are had and lunches made, I set up shop in front of the T.V. This way I can press my clothes while indulging in my favourite shows. My current Sunday night ironing lineup includes Desperate Housewives and Amazing Race. Lucky for me my hubby enjoys these show too, so it is time we spend together!

Ironing ahead of time eliminates the need to do it mid-week and shaves precious time off my morning routine. To save even more time try swapping out your iron for a steamer! This item is on my wish list!

Happy Sunday!
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