Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Art of Eating Out

I recently made a comment to a friend and regular guest of the restaurant I manage. I noticed she and her husband never bring their kids with them. They were quick to respond, saying they love eating out and want to enjoy it together as a couple. I couldn't agree more, however, our family loves eating out together also and we do regularly. Follow these tips to ensure a smoother dining experience ~

~call ahead to check for highchairs and change tables
~ come prepared with pre~made snacks
~order something for the kids first
~bring toys, books etc
~ dine slightly before the dinner rush
~have a movie or app on your phone as a last resort to keep kids quiet while you finish up {Try the Fisher Price iPhone Case with tons of free apps you can use with or without case! It's a must have in my opinion}
~try your best to keep the table somewhat tidy and quiet {nobody enjoys dining next to a screaming toddler throwing food}

While all these family outings are great, it is important to plan regular date nights for you and your hunny where you can truly relax!

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